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James Kenton


With over 20 years of experience managing businesses, James Kenton is easily an expert in his field. He has worked as everything from an independent contractor to a business owner, giving him a varied skillset.

His work has primarily been focused on the home improvement and construction industry, specializing in roofing. James has worked in locations like Wilmington, North Carolina and Nashville, Tennessee, with companies serving clients across the United States.

One of James Kenton’s longest roles was as the owner of Advanced Metal Roofing in North Carolina, where he worked from 1994 to 2013. Advanced Metal Roofing was widely recognized as a premier metal roofing installer by prominent industry voices like Replacement Contractor, Qualified Remodeler, and Metal Construction News. Even amid the struggling economy after the 2008 housing crisis, Advanced Metal Roofing continued to thrive due to its focus on retrofitting roofs for existing homes. James Kenton kept the business afloat while many other roofing companies struggled due to the decline in new construction projects.

While working with Advanced Metal Roofing, James Kenton helped release an exclusive new roofing system: the MetalMan Roofing System. While many residential customers are drawn to asphalt roofing shingles, metal roofs provide better energy conservation qualities and can last for over 50 years between replacements. Additionally, with the high-quality paint job provided with the MetalMan roofing system, customers could choose from a wide variety of colors to customize the look of their home without having to worry about fading or chipping. MetalMan Roofing System was an ENERGY STAR-certified product that helped customers save money on utilities and even offered tax credits in some scenarios.

Eventually, James Kenton moved away from North Carolina and his time with Advanced Metal Roofing. He became the general manager of Tennessee Metal Roofing, where he helped behind the scenes to keep projects running smoothly. James worked to schedule new projects, keep materials on hand, and ensure customer satisfaction after an installation. Customer service and quality workmanship are some of James’ top values no matter where he works. He loves the feeling of fulfillment when he can provide clients with high-quality, American-made products that look great and can help improve the customers’ quality of life.

James Kenton invests a lot of time and energy into his business endeavors, but he also enjoys several personal hobbies in his free time. When he has the chance, James loves to travel and visit new places. He especially enjoys going boating and getting out in nature. Additionally, he is a great cook and is always looking for new recipes to try.

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